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Welcome to Ubud Bali Silver Class!

We specialize in the traditional production of silver crafts in Ubud. We offer silver craft-making classes for tourists who are interested in learning the art of traditional silver jewelry making. Not only will participants be guided in creating their own artwork, but they can also take home the jewelry they have personally crafted.


During the classes at “Ubud Bali Silver Class,” we provide complimentary mineral water. The Ubud Bali Silver Class activity lasts approximately 3 hours, and participants can choose their own class time. Each stage of the class will be accompanied by professional and experienced craftsmen.

Participants in the Ubud Bali Silver Class program can either select from existing designs or bring their own designs to be created. We will teach and guide in detail the traditional methods of creating silver jewelry in Ubud, allowing participants to experience the sensation firsthand.

In the silver class, participants will go through several stages:

1. Choosing a design to create or bringing their own design.
2. Melting the silver.
3. Adjusting the blending or pressing according to the chosen design.
4. Shaping the silver wire/plate.
5. Finally, the finishing process.
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Class 1 Pax: Introduction to Silver Jewelry Making

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Join us now at "Ubud Bali Silver Class." For further information, please contact us

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